Balbharati seeks feedback on integrated textbooks introduced to reduce school bags weight


MUMBAI: The state’s textbook bureau ‘Balbharati’ has sought online feedback from teachers, parents and students on the integrated text-cum-note books introduced on a pilot basis to reduce the weight of school bags of class 1 to 8 students this academic year.
Over 4.49 crore integrated textbooks—four sets, each having all subjects per semester– were distributed free of cost to government and aided schools when the academic year began on June 15. Textbooks were also made available in the open market for private school students. Though it is not compulsory for private schools to go for integrated text books, most had advised parents to buy them. Parents had complained about sellers forcing them to buy all four sets, instead of one for each quarter.
The survey aims to understand if the textbooks have helped reduce the weight of school bags. Questions like what a child carries in the school bag—guides, story books, workbooks, compass box, tiffin to whether a student carries all four sets to school has been asked.
The state is keen on knowing whether students are making use of the blank pages provided after each lesson for them to write down important points being discussed in class. Questions regarding the quality of the text-cum-note books has also been sought. There has been complaints of the pages tearing apart due to multiple handling of the books by students.
Parents in urban areas have welcomed the integrated textbooks as it has lightened the weight of school bags. “My son carries only one book and that has lighted his school bag, said a parent of a student from Mahim.
Teachers said the wear and tear in textbooks is higher for classes 5-8 as they handle it multiple times in a day. The survey will continue till October 31.


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October 23, 2023

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