BHARAT ki Preschool Siksha ki Hogi Naayi Shuruwat, Nalanda Learning ke Saath


Grow your Preschool with Nalanda Learning’s Comprehensive Solutions
Did you know that children develop the most from the ages of 0 to 5? The environment they are in during these formative years highly impacts their overall growth. This is why preschool is the first stepping stone into a child’s educational and developmental journey. Keeping this in mind, the Indian Government introduced the National Education Policy (NEP) in 2020 which mandates three years of preschool before starting primary education.This naturally has resulted in a huge demand for preschools across India. However, the preschools face immense difficulty adapting to NEP 2020 policies.


The government factored in many researches that concluded that many school-going children in the country cannot read and understand a short, age-appropriate text even in standard 5. This is why NEP 2020 holds acquiring Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) at the primary level by 2026-2027 as a significant milestone. National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy (NIPUN Bharat) is dedicated to providing FLN education to children. The NEP 2020 guidelines also direct schools and pre-schools to teach children in a holistic student centered manner through interactive physical and digital assets.
But if a preschool partners up with Kolkata-based Nalanda Learning, it can efficiently and effectively become NEP 2020-compliant. With a leadership team having more than 25 years of experience in the education sector, Nalanda Learning is an affordable partner for pre-schools to become digitally enabled and adapt to the policies of NEP 2020. Nalanda Learning was started in 2012 by Tamal Mukherjee and Timir Mukherjee and has become a trusted academic partner for about 300 preschools, with over 40,000 students. During the pandemic-led lockdown in 2020-2021, Nalanda’s flagship brand Little Laureates pioneered the earliest digital preschools with a highly advanced and technology-driven curriculum. What’s more, Nalanda Learning strongly believes that its ‘Pehle Preschool’ initiative that stressed on making preschool education compulsory, had a big role in the subsequent NEP 2020 policy. In 2013, Aavishkaar Funding provided it with its first seed funding which catapulted it to further success. Today it is the leading preschool solution provider with its ENRICH learning platform.


Since NEP 2020 came into being, teaching has become a lot about interactive tools, aids, and resources. As FLN became a priority, learner-centered classrooms with experiential learning that also focussed on the health and well-being of the child, became the norm. However, it is a fact that not every preschool is equipped to handle such a curriculum or policy without guidance. Nalanda Learning is the only organization in the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) segment with a learning system that can help pre-schools in empowering children holistically. So how does Nalanda help preschools conform to NEP 2020 guidelines?
Under Nalanda’s ENRICH, the company provides its partner pre-schools with a comprehensive 360- degree solution that complies with the NEP 2020 and NCF-FS curriculum through technology, expert advice, and instructor training.


Nalanda Learning provide preschools with a fully digital curriculum with over 1600 digital assets. It makes sure that Learning Outcomes are met effectively through the Monthly Development Checklists that track the progress of every child. Committed to ensuring Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) through experiential learning and immersive learning techniques, Nalanda promotes the holistic development of the child and encourages critical thinking and problem solving. Its scientific approach breaks away from traditional rote learning to provide an effective understanding of alphabets and numbers and is aided by NCF-FS-guided interactive games, books, worksheets, puzzles, toys, audio and video assets, etc.
At Nalanda, the focus is on the holistic growth of children through their creative, cognitive, physical and motor, personal, social, and emotional areas of development. The ENRICH pedagogy helps children learn through five stages – exploration, understanding, doing, application, and creation.
Additionally, useful features like Daily Lesson Plans allow teachers to focus more on teaching the child without having to waste time planning on what to teach or scheduling classes.
NEP 2020 also stresses on parental involvement in a child’s education. This aspect is also taken care of through Nalanda’s dedicated teacher and parent mobile apps which allow parents to stay abreast of what is being done in class and support through in-home learning.


This apart, Nalanda Learning also conducts regular teacher training sessions and workshops. An NEP 2020-focused Teachers’ Training Program by Nalanda Learning coaches teachers in academic delivery, class management and use of technology. Regular refresher training workshops help upgrade their skills, while the Enkindle program provides NEP 2020-guided certification courses.
Along with all this Nalanda Learning provides administration setup, NEP curriculum-based books and other assisted learning tech and tools that assist staff in completing day-to-day tasks. When Nalanda Learning partners with a preschool, it provides an entire system through the Admin App of Learning Management System, that helps the preschool with student enrolment, teacher resource allocation, staff management, batch and class mapping, notification management, reporting and analysis of data, fees and payroll management, daily lesson plans with extra worksheets, event celebration and activities, and assessment reports.
Commenting on its association with Nalanda Learning, Fr Siby Joseph Vadakel SDB, Principal, Don Bosco, Bandel, West Bengal, said, “In the first two months, students between ages 5 and 6 years here showed remarkable improvement in understanding of complex concepts in literacy and numeracy, thanks to Nalanda Learning’s excellent learning videos and interactive games.” The data from Don Bosco Bandel also reveals enhanced engagement of parents and improvement in students.


Vibha Singh, Director, Mere Nanhe Kadam Preschool, Ranchi states, “Their advanced curriculum, teacher training program, and learning management system helped my school scale from 300 to 800 students with excellent learning outcomes for children across all levels.”
This year, Nalanda Learning participated in the 4th EdWG G20 Meet on Early Childhood Education at Pune, themed, ‘Ensuring Foundational Literacy & Numeracy in the context of blended learning’ where it was appreciated for its efforts to aid educators and empower women edupreneurs to build the No.1 preschool brand in their locality. Nalanda was also invited by CBSE Sahodaya Group to participate in exclusive events in Kolkata and Cuttack attended by principals of CBSE schools. It is also noteworthy that the Private Schools and Children Welfare Association (PCSWA) at its 10th National Council Meet in Puri signed an MOU with Nalanda Learning to set up 25000 new preschools.
Nalanda Learning’s deep insights and hands-on experience in operating preschools, overcoming challenges faced by preschool owners and teachers, and meeting parental expectations make them the best in their localities. Joining hands with Nalanda Learning will help the edupreneurs grow their business sustainably.
Today, with NEP 2020 and NIPUN Bharat, an ideal preschool is the perfect blend of smart learning, technology, and a scientific approach to teaching. It is this holistic blended learning approach that will make children into competent, powerful, and confident individuals. Nalanda Learning will help preschools in this endeavor while making them centers of excellence.


Indeed, Nalanda Learning is the best and only choice for preschools today, aiding them in every aspect and helping them follow NEP 2020 guidelines easily. So, anyone planning to open a preschool should click on the website to learn how Nalanda can be of assistance. All of Nalanda Learning’s teaching aids, preschool assists, and other solutions and assets are available at and Parents who are interested in knowing more about Nalanda Learning can visit
Come, partner with Nalanda Learning to be a part of the changing face of the Indian educational sector.

Disclaimer: Content Produced by Nalanda Learning Centre


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November 23, 2023

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