Mind-Boggling Puzzle Challenge: How Many Squares Can You Spot?


People have always been fascinated by optical illusions, which make our brains see things that aren’t really there. One interesting optical illusion on social media titled “How many squares can you find?” asks how many squares you can find in a pattern in just 10 seconds. If you guess right, it means you’re really good at figuring things out!
You have 10 seconds and your time starts now!

Times up!
When you first look at the picture shared by Optical Illusions, an Instagram account, it might seem easy to count the squares made from matchsticks. There are big squares and small ones made by how the sticks cross each other. But if you look closer, you’ll see even more squares within those squares. Some are hidden behind others.
Figuring out how many squares there are is a great way to test how well you see things and how good you are at understanding shapes. You can create squares by putting the smaller shapes together in different ways. Sometimes, it helps to look at the picture from different angles or imagine it in 3D to find all the squares.
Ready to know the answer?
There are a total of 15 squares in the picture. If you got it right, well done! If not, don’t worry. You can always try again.
This puzzle shows how our eyes can play tricks on us, making us see things that aren’t really there. It’s a reminder of how complicated our brains are and how tricky even simple pictures can be to understand.


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October 23, 2023

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